Seaward KD1E/19

Potential Indicator
Portable AC / DC neon indicator with flat contact electrode for use on systems up to 19kV

A PH3 proving unit should be used to prove the KD1E before and after the voltage indicator’s used.

Seaward Part No: 113A914

The KD1E/19 is a neon HV potential indicator suitable for use on earthed neutral systems up to 19kV. A highly robust portable AC / DC voltage indicator, this potential indicator provides a means of confirming the presence of voltage on earthed neutral electrical circuits.

Conforming in design lengths to recommended creepage and safety standards, the KDIE series features high grade PVC tubing and incorporates totally encapsulated resistor chains.

Seaward KD1E/19 Features

  • Maximum system voltage: 19kV.
  • Maximum voltage to earth: 11kV.
  • Threshold voltage: 300V.
  • Sensitivity: AC / DC.
  • Duplicate neon indicators within shock resistant sleeves.
  • Permanently connected earth cable.
  • Hand guards on all elements.
  • Direct access to vertical or horizontal metal clad switch gear.
  • UK Electricity Council Approval list G9.
  • Length: 330mm.
  • Diameter: 25mm.
  • Handle length: 105mm.
  • Hand guard height: 23.5mm.
  • Contact electrode type: Flat.
  • Seaward KD1E/19 Warranty: 1 year.

Included Accessories:

Carry Bag with pouch for optional PH3 Proving Unit and KD1E/19 Instructions.


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