Airflow meters

In engineering, the airflow or air flow is a measurement of the amount of air per unit of time that flows through a particular device.[1][2]

The amount of air can be measured by its volume or by its mass. Typically it is measured by volume, but for some applications it is necessary to measure it by mass, as air is a gas and therefore its volume can vary with temperature.

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Created on: 18 May 2013

◆風速測定値 0.1~4.99m/s            5.0~50.0m/s           (自動切替2レンジ)  精度      ±3%/FS ◆静圧・差圧測定域 0~±2000Pa  精度          ±2%/FS ◆温度域  ①V-02-ADPN200・・・・・-100~+200℃  ②V-02-ADPN300・・・・・-100~+300℃  ③V-02-ADPN500・・・・・-100~+500℃  ④V-02-ADPN700・・・・・-100~+700℃  ⑤V-02-ADPN850・・・・・-100~+850℃

Created on: 18 May 2013

- Fast response telescoping probe. - Air flow volume. - Large LCD display. - Displays air (wind) speed in meters/second,feet/minute, kilometers/hr, knots, and miles/hr. - Displays maximum and minimum readings and holds any reading. - Manual Data Memory and read fucntion (99 records). - Auto Data memory with USB interface (30,000 records). - Dew point, Wet Bulb calculation. - Absolute pressure measurement.

Created on: 31 October 2014

Features * 19", 4U Rack Mounting* For : PSM/PST-Series